All I want for Christmas...

Been busy working on exciting things (I’ll post them when they’re done), drinking Christmastide pints, and watching Pitchfork’s Top 50 music videos of 2007.

It’s not that I’m opting out of Christmas. I’m just doing it my own way. A little selfish, yes, but really all I want to do this year is relax, walk around North London on Christmas morning, and spend some time in a quiet office working on interesting ‘big picture’ stuff (thus saving myself time off for when it’s hectic and stressful).

I also plan to catch up on my blogging and guitar playing, two things I’ve rather neglected this year. Still haven’t recorded Letter From Don Quixote To Dulcinea Del Toboso, still haven’t posted my thoughts on the new BBC site (in short, a good effort given the undoubted politics of that organisation). All in good time.

Some stocking filler links:

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