Free editing help

No it's fine, take it all.

My recent writing endeavours have further kindled my interest in words and language. I’ve chosen to study the fundamentals of editing, work on my grammar, and investigate the nuances of written style (such as global attitudes toward the Oxford comma featured in this sentence). I consumed The Awl’s What It’s Really Like To Be A Copy Editor with empathy and faint envy.

Regular readers will know I’m eager for the British UX community to get the recognition it deserves. I’ve therefore concocted a scheme to combine this cause with my new-found obsession for the written word.

I’d like to volunteer my (free) services as an editor to anyone in the British UX community. Whether you’re writing a blog post, an article for a UX magazine, a book review—hell, even a tweet—just drop me an email and a timescale and I’ll be glad to offer questions, corrections, and suggestions. All I ask is that your piece is somehow related to UX and that it’s for public consumption. Hopefully we can make some great work together, while I get a fantastic opportunity to read more and offer my modest skills to the community.

Photo credit: Wondermonkey2k.

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